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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the right coverage for you?

Each business has a unique set of risks associated with their operations.  Aside from personal business property, there is liability insurance, business income, insurance for the building, boiler and machinery, human failure, employee protection, workers compensation, professional liability insurance and key employee protection, among others. The type of coverage you need depends on a number of factors including what kind of business you operate.  We’re here to help you navigate through the complicated insurance landscape to find a protection program that’s tailored to the needs of you and your business.

How can I keep insurance keep costs down?

Start by making a list of personal business property, describing each item and noting where you bought it and its make and model. Clip to your list any sales receipts, purchase contracts, and appraisals you have.  Next, be sure to have your policies reviewed at least one per year.  As your business evolves, your insurance needs change, too.  By having one of our licensed insurance experts audit your coverages, you can potentially uncover a few ways to save some money, while plugging dangerous gaps in coverage.

How do I insure a home-based business?

Let's face it. Launching and running a business takes capital, motivation and yes, even physical stamina to handle the stress and demands of a new or growing venture. And it's risky. In fact, one out of every five businesses fails within the first five years of opening.  Handling inventory, scheduling time, purchasing supplies, handling payroll -- there are a myriad of procedures every home or small business entrepreneur needs to know, but one of the most critical and often neglected is buying proper insurance coverage.  Request a quote and we’ll provide you with a protection plan that’s customized to fit your needs - without breaking the bank!